Get benefits through managed services outsourcing

ball-457334_640Currently information technology have become essential tools for the development of any company, not only transforming business models, but also society. All kinds of organizations and companies dependents and technological services needed to achieve or exceed their goals.

If a computer or device failure, part of the production may be impaired, or even stop for a while, which would cause a large loss of capital. This, coupled with the increasing complexity of infrastructure management and applications, makes it increasingly more common for organizations to outsource IT resources specialized companies and certified technical resources.

As large organizations, SMEs need optimal technological systems to operate efficiently and compete effectively. But often in small businesses they are scarce resources and IT departments can suffer overload of tasks and responsibilities that hinder the management and maintenance of an IT infrastructure. Neglecting some tasks, such as copying or security updates and infrastructure are some examples that may occur due to lack of time and resources. This exponentially increases the risk that later may have an impact on the system or infrastructure and can have a negative impact on the business.

Therefore, for several years a trend towards outsourcing of managed services (outsourcing) is observed, and in this context that the Managed Service Providers (MSP) charge an important role, becoming the technological partner of companies.

Why is it important to choose the ideal IT service provider?

Managed Service Provider assumes responsibility for managing, monitoring, identify problems and resolve incidents of computer systems for its customers, allowing the organization to focus efforts and concentrate solely on their business priorities. Therefore, outsourcing providers IT resources can be very beneficial to an organization. But in choosing a service provider, you should consider some factors detailed below.

First, it is important that the supplier shows a proactive approach on security: Protecting your most valuable asset – information – should be a key point in his election. Another value to consider is that the provider chosen 24x7x365 monitoring available and find out how often the system checks and monitoring are performed, and if the laws of data protection and privacy are met.

Another benefit of outsourcing resources Managed Service Provider is the cost savings compared to other alternatives. Of the various arguments they value most CFOs about Managed Service Providers, one of the most attractive is the cost savings that can be obtained by outsourcing.

Managed Service Providers usually offer their services on a monthly fee, but depending on the services provided, the values ​​vary depending on the amount of equipment, or the size of the infrastructure. It is a model increasingly coveted by organizations because it allows more tightly control costs, requires no investment of fixed capital and is based on expenditure capital operating, providing a regular and predictable billing directly related pay per use.

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